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Ana Wang is a writer, entrepreneur, and multidisciplinary designer based in Vancouver.

She is the founder of P/ET/AL Projects, a creative direction and content studio behind PTLER, PTL Beauty, and POP/P

Ana believes that materialism is only a symptom of a dissociation from humanity, and combines themes of love, growth, and optimism to actualize better ideas on how, why and what we shop. 

She’s spent the last decade working across industries in design, social media, customer experience, content, consulting, photography, and marketing roles for various retail projects and brands, most recently taking on a management position at Shopify, a tech company dedicated to making commerce better. 

Ana and her work have been featured in Huffington Post, Vogue.com, Forbes, Worth Global Style Network, and Etsy Tastemakers. She holds a B.Des. in Fashion.